We want your senior or graduation session to be awesome. In order for you to look and feel your best, we have a few tips for the day.

For the Gals

1)  We will provide professional makeup and hairstyling.  Typically this is done in our studio in Laguna Canyon.  Please come with clean, dry hair.  We recommend that you wash it the night before so it will hold the style.  It is also very important to have your eyebrows groomed. Do this several days before your session, so you are not red or tender in your eye area.

2)  For outfits, we recommend you vary your color choices, patterns and necklines.  Avoid busy patterns, solids tend to photograph best.  You should also select clothing that fits well and flatters your figure.  When in doubt, the more the better so we can help you put together different looks.

3) Don't forget to accessories down to your shoes, which make an outfit look complete and helps your images truly stand out.

4)  Manicures are fabulous.  Your hands will show in the photos, so make sure they are clan and nicely groomed with no chipped polish.

5)  A kiss of color from the sun is fine, but avoid being overly tan, which makes faces look dry and wider.

6)  We recommend that you put at least three outfits together before your session, and snap a photo of each on your phone.  Then text us the outfits, so we can make sure the location we choose and the hair and makeup, matches your style.




For the Guys

1)  What defines your style?  Are you a surfer, preppy, indie, skater or some combination.  Your clothing should reflect your personal style.  We recommend you bring 3-4 full outfits.  Think about varying the style.  One dressier outfit, one more casual outfit and one trendier outfit.

2)  Bring layers such as jackets, hats, flannels, etc.  That way we can vary your look without having to completely change your clothing.

3)  Make sure all our your clothing is ironed, fits correctly is and photo ready.

4)  It may not be something you do on a regular basis, but you should consider having your eyebrows groomed to look your best.

5)  Let us know your preference for location and backgrounds prior to your session.


Blue Sky's Studio is so fortunate to be located in beautiful Laguna Beach, California.  You have so many amazing locations to choose from for your portrait session.  Some of our favorite locations include the following:

1) Victoria Beach

2) Laguna Canyon

3) Mission San Juan Capistrano

4) Newport Beach Fun Zone and Newport Beach Pier

5)  San Clemente Pier and historic downtown

6)  San Juan Capistrano Historic District

7)  Downtown Laguna Beach

8)  Table Rock Beach

9)  Treasure Island Beach

10)  Balboa Island

11)  Nellie Gail Laguna Hills

12)  Laguna Niguel Regional Park

13)  San Juan Capistrano Old Growth Orange Grove

14)  Blue Sky's Laguna Canyon Studio

15)  LCAD gardens

16)  Dana Point Harbor

17) The anti mall

18) Downtown Orange or Chapman University

We also love recommendations from you!  Let us know your favorite spot and we will help you plan the session.  We will also travel to Los Angeles or San Diego, as long as you can put a group of 4 seniors together and we will make a day of it!